The Ultimate Showdown: Protein Bars vs Protein Shakes

When bodybuilders and athletes are training, they need large quantity of proteins to repair their damaged muscles. There are many options available to those who wish to supplement their dietary protein intake. However,to supplement your workout with proteins, you can choose either a bar or a shake.

Let’s look at protein bars vs protein shakes:

In terms of preparation, protein bar is ready made hence one does not have to prepare anything. They are more convenient to use since one just unwraps and consumes it. On the other hand, a protein shake comes either in powder form or in ready to drink form. For the one in powder form, you have to mix with either milk or water. To ensure that the liquids bind well you can mix with either the milk or water. You should mix for at least 30 seconds since lamps can form on your shake making it hard to swallow.

Secondly, since protein shakes are in liquid form, they tend to get absorbed much faster compared to protein bars since they are in solid form. This is due to the fact that liquids tend to get absorbed better in the body compared to solids. In fact, protein bars tend to get dry. The digestive process of protein bar takes longer making the user hold off the feeling of hunger. In fact, protein shakes should be used as a post workout drink since the muscles are able to absorb amino acids faster. Protein bars are also spill free. In addition, protein shakes can be prepared at home.

Thirdly, if we look at the nutritional content, they both have different content levels. It varies in terms of sugar content, fat, calories etc. You should read the labels before using them. Protein bars have high calorie content, minerals and vitamins while protein shakes give an option of less fat and calories. Protein bars and shakes are not supposed to replace regular food hence one should be careful with the ingredients. They are supposed to be used while still maintaining a healthy diet.

Protein shakes are more costly compared to protein bars. In addition, protein bars come in different package sizes. Price depends on the number of bars in the pack and the protein brand. Further, since protein shakes are in two forms, the price tends to vary.

Protein bar is portable and light in weight while protein shakes are more difficult to carry since they are packed in tetra packs or cans.

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