The Tangible Benefits of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

If you suffer from an erratic and unreliable immune system you may want to listen to this one. While the immune system and neuroimmunology is a rapidly growing field it is also not well understood, there is not a ton of research in the neuroimmunology field. So I will be explaining what we do know and how we can make your immune system and health function better. The immune system is responsible for keeping you healthy from disease and viruses, it can be your best friend and sometimes your worst nightmare. It can quell a serious infections or it can completely overreaction to something as little as dust or dander causing allergic symptoms such running nose, watery eyes, hives, shortness of breathe and other issues such as nerve pain.

So first how our immune works, when the immune system notices something that is foreign to the body it creates an immune response. The immune response is very complicated and still not completely understood, for simplicity sake we will just say the immune response bring cells and chemicals to the area also know as inflammation. Sometimes the inflammation is needed, other times it is completely overblown. So how do we get our immune system to work normally most of the time? How do we get it to work when we want to but not overwork at other times?

Recent research also suggest from a systematic review of the literature at Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. Also noted is that chiropractic adjustments increases the production of locates which support white blood cells to fighting offt the threat These immunological changes could show why osteopathy can decrease inflammation and pain also supporting overall wellness. In essence the two options touched upon could help in making your immune system function better.

Well the first step is to reset the system so to speak. If you’re not living a healthy life and you’re walking around and very inflamed that’s going to be a problem. We need to reset the system, and we need to do it naturally. The first suggestion would be to try to eliminate everything in the body that would cause inflammation and remove it from the diet. Well, how do I do that? This is the easy part, a food sensitive test which test up to three hundred different substrates will tell you what foods are pro-inflammatory so you can remove the food in question from your diet. Once those foods are eliminated you could have a reduction of the abnormal immune response.

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