The Ins and Outs of Waist Training

Waist training corsets are designed to secure the desired hourglass figure in distinct designs that are classic, contemporary or fashionable. There is a wide range of colors that would meet the wearer’s preference from seductive reds to emerald green. A consistent wearing of a waist training corset over a period would reduce the waistline between 4 and 6 inches. Caution should be exercised against wearing the corset for too long at any one time and to we encourage our reads to do a full review of waist trainers before deciding on the right corset for them.

Most ladies would wish for a svelte figure all the time although it may not be possible. However, one can consider waist training corsets which are designed to pull in the waist for a shapelier figure albeit temporarily. A waist training corset is part of the steel boned corset design where thin steel bones are crafted carefully into the fabric of the corset to support the torso while maintaining comfort with the right size. A waist training corset provides the desired support for a fuller figure.

The primary purpose of a waist training corset is to help the wearer achieve the desired body shape which simple plastic in the fabric cannot achieve. The boned steel structure in a waist training corset helps enhance the natural body shape through the incorporated thin steel bones to support the desired body shape with comfort. There are many types of waist training corsets in the market today. It need not be a dull and functional corset alone; waist training corsets in black and ivory colors make a distinguished looking garment if the wearer is bold to wear it as a fashion piece with a jacket or a wrap. This corset comes in a sweetheart overbust pattern for all torso lengths. There is a metal busk with long laces to tie the corset as tightly or loosely as desired. This corset is great in reducing 6-7 inches off the waistline. It makes a great accompaniment to burlesque wear for the desired eye-catching attention at any function or occasion while working on shaping the waist.

Another type of waist training corset is the PVC underbust design with spiral steel bones and stainless steel busk closure. This corset is lined with 100% fine cotton layer for extra comfort during wearing. It has a modesty panel with no trims for simple elegance in black PVC. This waist training corset is ideally worn over a white blouse for a striking look or beneath a fitting dress for ladies with larger busts.

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Author: Kandis Urich

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